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Protect your business from security threats

Identify and mitigate potential security threats with ThreatShield's threat modelling service

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AI-driven threat modeling with intuitive design

We use AI to provide concrete examples instead of abstract documentation. Our approach ensures easily accessible guidance and actionable recommendations.

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Stay one step ahead of potential threats

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Simplified threat identification

Effortlessly pinpoint threats to your IT systems and assets. Our AI assistant ensures a smooth start to your threat modelling journey.

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Transparent risk & threat management

Clearly define and manage your security risks and their countermeasures, ensuring informed and strategic decision-making.

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Collaboration & communication

Enable effective collaboration across teams for proactive threat management, keeping all stakeholders aligned and informed.

How to ensure your security

3 simple steps to start

Initial consultation

Reach out for a preliminary discussion, followed by scheduling our specialized threat modelling workshop.

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Interactive workshop

Participate in a 2-hour hands-on workshop using your system as a case study to create an initial threat model and learn how to effectively use ThreatShield.

Be quick: free of charge for first requests!

Run ThreatShield yourself

Easily set up ThreatShield on your own infrastructure and integrate it into your daily operations, empowering your team to manage threats autonomously.

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Our offer to you

Engage with us and ask questions about ThreatShield

  • Collaborate with us to tailor ThreatShield according to your needs
  • Feedback matters: share your valuable feedback - your thoughts shape our journey
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More control: discover our open source self-hosting solution

  • Explore our open-source self-hosting solution
  • Access the GitHub repository for our software
  • Discover the convenience of Docker images
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Strengthen your defenses:
threat modelling workshops

  • Discover cybersecurity through hands-on workshops
  • Identify and mitigate security threats
  • Equip yourself to safeguard digital assets
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Discover the team behind ThreatShield.

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